AquilaVision creates customized software solutions that focus on event awareness, information dissemination and integration with systems or equipment.  Aquilavision provides support for complex business rules, data manipulation and M2M specialists.

Solution Description
AV builds customized software solutions to move information from its source to people or systems that need to have it. Source information can be anything conveyed over a network: equipment status, asset location, sensor data, phone calls, emails, etc. This information can be evaluated, analyzed and manipulated by complex business rules. The result is information passed along to systems or personnel most closely associated with the results.

Top Reasons to Buy

  • All solutions are built from the ground up to exacting customer requirements, customized solutions at off-the-shelf prices
  • Most solutions are offered as a managed service with no equipment to buy and no changes required in infrastructure
  • Solutions are typically delivered in under two weeks and often include a free trial period for evaluation and modification

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