Tablet Solution Demos

Use the following instructions to download business solution applications on your tablet device. A brief overview of each partner is provided.

Absolute Software

Computrace® Mobile by Absolute® Software allows organizations to easily and cost-effectively identify, track and secure their Android and Microsoft OS-based tablets from within a single cloud-based console regardless if the device is on or off the company network.

Absolute Manage Mobile Device Management allows organizations to remotely manage their Apple® iOS and Android OS-based tablets.

Absolute Manage MDM can enroll devices, configure security and network access settings, restrict user privileges, manage installed apps, geographically track, query comprehensive hardware and software data, and lock or wipe devices entirely over the air (3G or W-Fi).

View a demonstration of how Computrace supports notebooks, tablets and handsets:

View a demonstration of the security features available with Absolute Manage MDM at:

Note: These demonstrations are flash-based and may not be viewable on all mobile devices.


Actsoft specializes in GPS-based tools that help businesses track and monitor vehicles and mobile workforces. With Actsoft’s Comet Suite, businesses can easily schedule and dispatch jobs while keeping a close eye on workers and assets. Actsoft helps save money and fuel with automated forms and timecards that capture accurate, tamperproof data from the field. Both client and Web-based software solutions give customers tremendous flexibility at fair prices.

Instructions for Android tablets:

  1. Go to the Android Market to download and install the Actsoft Comet Tracker Demo:

  2. At the “Complete action using” prompt, select “Market” to go to the Actsoft Comet Tracker Demo download page.

  3. Select “Install” then select “OK” to accept permissions and begin download.

  4. Open the “Actsoft Demo” by clicking on the icon.

  5. Enter your name and email when prompted to activate your Comet Tracker demo.